About 2 years ago, I created a blog based on wordpress. Although i don’t blog much, having wordpress is enough pain as it is. With every update, something breaks. It is either my template, or a plugin, or something else. And if you do not update, well your site is heavily vulnerable.

So it was time for a change, and my first thought was. Why would i use something like wordpress. Static pages are fine!

In comes Jekyll

To get started install jekyll:

$ gem install jekyll
$ jekyll new myblog
$ cd myblog

Browse for a theme at http://jekyllthemes.org/. Unzip and place it in your myblog directory.

jekyll serve

And you are done! you have a blog!

Useful things to know, posts are created with markdown, they go in the _post directory and building your static pages goes with 1 command:

jekyll build

Copy all contents from _site to your webserver and you are all set.


Jekyll is for noobs, and it is great!